Welcome to the new way coaches and consultants do business.

 The Better Clients Scorecard solution will help you overcome the ever-growing noise by shifting the way you filter outattract, convert and work with your like-minded Better Clients.

We’re on a mission to help 10,000 coaches and consultants just like you to make this happen with your own unique Mindset Scorecard, to filter and attract your ideal Better Clients.


Super Lead Magnet

Have a super converting lead magnet to attract quality leads, with amazingly high opt-in rates that will help you create your best ever lead magnet.


Become Super Clear

Combine your knowledge, wisdom and experience and package it up – making what your offer clear and concise.


Save Time and Money by Filtering

Filter out those time-wasting leads that are not a good fit for you, and you’re not a good fit for them! Save countless hours trying to chase your wrong clients.


Your Best Ever Sales Funnel

Your go-to sales funnel that people actually read using your existing marketing (online and offline!) to warm people up as they fill in your own Mindset Scorecard.


Close and Convert Leads with Ease

Tailored answers depending on their score to help bring them to the next step and convert into an amazing client for life.


Gain More from YOUR Better Clients

Your Better Clients are ones who will then go on to referring other like-minded people to you, and continue to use your services again and again.

The OLD Way

Traditional marketing of coaches and consultants struggling to have a differential from your competitors above the noise.


Trying to hard sell inappropriate clients


Countless hours wasted on chasing the wrong clients


Wondering if someone wants or needs your services


'Brochure' style approach to marketing shouting all about you

The NEW Way

Your Mindset Scorecard as the center of your marketing as a coach / consultant to get about the ever increasing noise out there. 


Warm leads to sell with confidence


Spend more quality time with your ideal client types


Know exactly how much a lead wants what you offer


Speaking to your prospects mindsets, making it all about them

Product Tour

Initial Setup Features

We work closely with you to set everything up for your business to match your Mindsets, your colours, your logos, and any technical setup you have in place.


User friendly with touch sliders and viewable graph of results


Email notifications of results sent to your prospect and to you


Conditional call to actions, from webinars to booking meetings


Bespoke colours, logos and more to match your business


Features for Ongoing Success

We never leave you in the dark hoping that you work out how to best manage, update and market your new Mindset Scorecard.


Secure portal with your entries, statistics and more


UNLIMITED entries per month


UNLIMITED professional fast support


Monthly reports with your most important numbers

Advanced Technical Features

Although your Mindset Scorecard is simplistic in design, behind the scenes it's full of advanced features that turbo boost outcomes.


We will setup any connection to talk to your CRM (e.g. ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft), Mailchimp, Zapier, your Calendar and more


Track your conversions of your Google Adwords, Facebook ads and LinkedIn Ads to know the results your gaining


Create custom Facebook audiences based on entry scores, so you can re-target people depending on their final score

Your unique Mindset Scorecard can be connected seamlessly with the following and many more: 

Simple 4 Step Process


Step 1 - Defining your Success Factors

A live session to go over a simple step-by-step proven method of working out your top 6-8 Success Factors you wan to measure, your definitions using our template and examples as your guide.




Step 2 - Gathering Feedback

Once your first attempt of Success Factors and Definitions are in place, we then ask you to gather 3-4 people to collect feedback from. This is incredibly helpful to greatly improve your initial wording.

Step 3 - We turn it Digital and Unique

It’s then over to us to turn it into a digital version for you, matched with your business colours, logo and more. We set up and connect any call to actions (including conditional call to actions based on final score) and any technical connections needed (such as a CRM, Mailchimp, Calendar invite etc).



Step 4 - Go Live with Ongoing Support

After quality assurance checks, your own Better Clients Scorecard is then turned live either as a standalone site, or embedded on your current website. We then provide you with your own portal access, along with unlimited ongoing support.

Results & Success

We use Facebook ads to generate business. With the Scorecard solution they helped us create opt-ins of more then 7300 ideal prospects in 8 weeks with our cheapest investment to date  (GDPR compliant too!). They are amazing to work with and I couldn’t recommend them more highly! 

Emma Hammett

CEO, First Aid for Life

The initiative instigated by Better Clients have already yielded new prospects of the desired target market. Their continued support, project management assistance, and encouragement have been critical to driving the marketing initiatives to successful conclusions.

James Ramsay

CEO, ‎Tax Efficient Procurement Services (TEPS)

Kevin Johnson
London. Co-founder + Co-author

Steve Auchettl
London. Co-founder + Co-author

The Story and Duo behind Better Clients

Both Kevin and Steve have run high networth consulting companies in their pasts; Kevin being a business management consultancy firm and Steve being a digital agency.

However they both had similar issues and problems that needed to be addressed when they combined forces in early 2017. Both have experienced first hand the true cost of trying to close and take on the wrong type of clients. 

They developed their own Mindset Scorecard initially for internal use only, and after working closely with a number of clients, it became obvious that the Mindset Scorecard was the most popular and exciting tool that everyone raved about.

They are now on a mission to bring the same Mindset Scorecard concept to 10,000 coaches and consultants around the UK and beyond, so you too can filter out and attract your own, ideal, Better Clients.

Pricing – made Simple


Step by step creation made easy


Bespoke digital Scorecard setup


Unlimited ongoing support


Standalone or embed on your website


Custom call to actions based on scores


Pro-active monthly reports

As we have been able to democratise our model while maintaining superior quality and results, we are able to offer you our Scorecard Funnel at a super affordable investment to you:

Only £47 / month

+ once off £697 set up fee per Scorecard

Cancel anytime – no lock-in contract.

Better Clients is the worlds FIRST and ONLY Scorecard platform design specifically for coaches and consultants.

Get Started Today.

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