Kevin Johnson
London. Co-founder + Co-author
Steve Auchettl
London. Co-founder + Co-author

The Story and Duo behind Better Clients

Both Kevin and Steve have run high networth consulting companies in their pasts; Kevin being a business management consultancy firm and Steve being a digital agency.

However they both had similar issues and problems that needed to be addressed when they combined forces in early 2017. Both have experienced first hand the true cost of trying to close and take on the wrong type of clients.

They developed their own Mindset Scorecard initially for internal use only, and after working closely with a number of clients, it became obvious that the Mindset Scorecard was the most popular and exciting tool that everyone raved about.

They are now on a mission to bring the same Mindset Scorecard concept ambitious entrepreneurs that want to improve productivity, profitability and freedom.

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