We have a number of opportunity types to have either Kevin, Steve or both speak at your next business event or function. All of which are highly interactive and practical sessions.


Our most popular session that we run is as follows:

Your Focussed Bigger Future

100% practical session to find where you want to take your business, what risks need to be eliminated, opportunities to capture and strengths to maximise on. Leave having locked in the delegation or appropriate time for the focussed actions needed.

Length: Flexible between 30 minutes -> 90 minutes.


  • Your Focussed Bigger Future questions looking 3 years out including goals, Risks to eliminate, Opportunities to capture and Strengths to maximise
  • Actions brainstorming based on Bigger Future
  • Eliminate, delegate or schedule in your actions


  • Focussed actions to achieve anything you want
  • Your focussed plan of attack, with detailed actions all aimed to help you achieve your goals

Format options:

  • Boardroom style for smaller groups
  • Large auditoriums for large groups
  • Digital delivery (via online webinar format) for unlimited numbers

Other speaking sessions we offer include:

  • Automating your business: systemise the predictable to allow more for the extra-ordinaries by Steve Auchettl and Kevin Johnson
  • How to best leverage people who know, like and trust you for massive growth – presented by my business partner Kevin Johnson
  • Filtering prospects to gain Better Clients who love what you offer and do by Kevin Johnson and Steve Auchettl 

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